Sorry folks, but I've decided to shut down Bic Runga's Kitchen. :-(

I'm so busy nowadays that trying to run this website has demanded too much time, time that I unfortunately can't find to give.  I started the site in 1997, shortly after Drive was released in New Zealand when I was at High School which meant I had a lot more time back then!  Now university is taking over and it's way too hard to keep up with everything going on and reporting it on the site.  It's been great reading messages from people telling me how appreciative they are of the site and I thank you all for the support over the years.

The Official Site is always updated with the latest news and has all the info you need.  Also check out Bic Runga Dot Net, a great place to stop for Bic fans.

So keep buying Bic's music and going to her shows, I'm sure Bic has a lot more surprises for her fans in 2003.  Third single Listening For The Weather will be serviced to radio soon and something else to look forward to is her October 2003 performance with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra.

Once again Bic fans, thanks for visiting the site over the last 5 years!