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Written by Bic Runga.
Album Version: found on the album 'Beautiful Collision'.

She left on a monday, she's a siren down the road
In your herring-bone overcoat that you don't expect to get back
And it's an ordinary sky, today's like any other day
When all of the aeroplanes write her name in the clouds
And nothing's wrong, but it's already Sunday
And you know just how Sunday was the day that she would come around

Go to her, foolish man,
what's the use of having pride if you don't have her?
She'll endure all she can
but you could make this easier on her.

It's all like sinking, you're trying to stay afloat
like a wind-blown paperboat on an uncharted sea
There's no question why, you're driving to kill some time
Racing the powerlines back into town

(Chorus x2)

Make this easier on her...