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Written by Bic Runga.
Album Version: found on the album 'Beautiful Collision'.

Sink with tide, rescue me if you like
I'll be leaving it all up to you
Think how we tried, it's OK to rely too
as long as it's only by you

People say to me it's best that we've parted
'cause you know I'm better alone
Don't explain to me how you're so broken-hearted
I'm too busy mending my own

Ending each night with such honest goodbyes
Such honest goodbyes for the last time
Honest goodbyes only work once or twice
They work once or twice and the rest must be lies

Late everynight the colours fade from the sky
and your music is gone from the room
Standing in line for what used to be mine
What use is the rhyme with no tune?

People say to me it's best that we've parted
and nothing is carved out in stone
But it's such a shame how we're back where we started
It's late now and time that we go


The rest must be lies...the rest must be lies...