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Written by Bic Runga.
Album Version: found on the album 'Beautiful Collision'.

Come around for tea, dance me 'round and round the kitchen
by the light of my TV on the night of the election
Ancient stars will fall into the sea
and the Ocean Floor sings her sympathy

Drive for miles away, escape the sky that we lie under
Of all the dreams I cannot shake, they're always shaking in our slumber
In the car, don't let me fall asleep
I might leave my heart here on your vinyl seat

In the sound of the cities now long gone
and in the silence of the park and every darkened cinema
The wind of change is coming on
to come to leave me alone (???)

Of all the bright machinery, love's the strangest of inventions
How could this all just turn on me when all I wanted was perfection?
And you are, it's what you are to me
You're the brightest star when the world's asleep


To come to leave me alone...